Analog - Oaklands premier spot for Beer, Sandwiches, Vegan Options, Records, VHS and more

First learning the ropes with a vegan brunch pop up called Homemade Hustle, Sean shortly thereafter became the owner and head chef at Benders Grill in 2011 (Benders Bar & Grill, 19th St. at South Van Ness, SF, CA.) After falling in love with creating and executing an eclectic menu featuring many vegan options, he recognized the demand for healthy vegan options and late night dining for both service industry and professional clientele in his home, Oakland.

In 2015 Sean started Analog. With the help of his all star team, Analog has become the East Bay’s premier destination for quality vegan eats.

We pride ourselves on partnering up with and supporting local businesses such as Woods Bar & Brewery, Fieldwork Brewery, Fort Point Brewery, Acme Bread, Hella Vegan Eats, Solidaritea, and making most of our local ingredients in-house. We also host multiple vegan pop-up events, and support local music and analog enthusiasts.

Suds and grub aside, Analog has plenty of ways to reminisce and enjoy technology gone by; a killer VHS selection, jukebox full of 45s, their record collection of classic and modern music, and a Nintendo NES with duckhunter (We know it’s not analog, but hey, it’s fun).






414 14th Street
between Broadway & Franklin
Oakland, Ca. 94612



Tues-Thurs  11:30am–10pm
Or until we run out of our awesome bread!

Fri 11:30am - 11:00pm

Sat 6:00pm - 10:00pm 

Analog owners Sean and Arianna

Analog owners Sean and Arianna